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The memory of my walks through the countryside, hikes with my father to climb the mountains of Guanajuato, and later, upon moving to the city, the discovery of a natural space near home, with a river and a pond surrounded by trees, marks the beginning of this introspective journey. In this place, I would draw, paint, play, bike ride, exercise, walk to clear my mind, and reflect in solitude. It was through this that I discovered that parks and green areas in the city not only connect us with nature but also with our own inner selves, with that intimate space that dwells within each of us. Parks are experienced in various ways and at different times, and we all create memories in them. Sometimes, we go to the park to spend time with friends or family, other times to exercise, and others to disconnect from routine. Each individual experiences these moments uniquely, establishing an intimate relationship with that small oasis of nature amidst the concrete jungle.

The paintings presented here are not intended to be a catalog of activities in Prospect Park; rather, they represent a personal experience, what I observe and am drawn to on my excursions through the park. They are images that can be found simply by going and observing. Some of the paintings capture small details: a reflection in the water, a tree trunk struck by lightning but still growing, colors contrasting with the whiteness of the snow. In others, characters engaged in activities are depicted, in reduced scale to emphasize the grandeur of nature and its atmosphere, highlighting the sunlight that envelops the figures in their various occupations. Each individual has their own connection with Prospect Park, their own intimate walk. In

this series of landscape paintings, I only share mine, inviting viewers to reflect on their own experiences and encounters with nature amidst urban life.

-Miguel Reyes

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